Tenant ACH and CC Payments with EasyPay

Collecting rent has just gotten a whole lot easier. Forget the hassle of receiving, processing, and depositing checks. No more tenant late payments either! With Rentec Easypay's automated ACH (electronic draft) processing this process becomes completely automated.

The utility companies use it to let their customers automatically pay their bills, so do most banks for doing auto-pay on loans and credit cards. Now you can make use of the exact same system used throughout the US by banks and utilities with Rentec EasyPay.

How It Works:

Step 1 Tenant provides authorization to debit their checking or savings account.
Step 2 Tenant or Landlord specifies either a recurring cycle or single one-at-a-time payments via an easy to use online management interface.
Step 3 The system takes care of the rest. The funds are automatically debited from the tenant's checking or savings account, and deposited into your account.

It's as simple as that! You as the landlord can quickly update or cancel any upcoming ACH transaction. Also, the tenant can login via their own portal to adjust or cancel the automatic payments. The landlord (property manager) is provided full reporting and automated email notifications to inform you which transactions processed and which, if any, may have failed.

Associations can use this same system to collect assessments using the exact same steps above for the property owners instead of tenants.

Rentec Direct provides EasyPay for a flat $2.00 per transaction. We can also set up both private landlords and professional property managers with a merchant account to get even faster processing and even lower rates. The transaction cost can be paid by you or your tenant.

You can also accept credit card payments through an online payment portal at ultra low rates. Private landlords and professional property managers are approved with a simple application process. Contact us for more details or to setup your credit card processing account today.

Our EasyPay FAQ covers most of the commonly asked ACH questions.