Rentec for Associations is designed for self-managed associations to easily keep track of dues, assessments, repairs and other recurring expenses associated with your association.

Top features

Online access for your owners & tenants

Provide secure online access to association members (owners) as well as any tenants and accept owner assessment payments online. Owners can login to make payments or view their payment history and set their email preferences.

Automatic ACH payments

Associations need predictable cash-flow and more and more are relying on ACH to automate the assessment collection process. No more deposits or late payers; ACH automates the process and automatically moves the money from their account to yours.

Track Income & Expenses

Take the guesswork about property and tenant accounting; Rentec Direct provides an easy to use general ledger accounting system complete with all the reports that are easy to understand by both you and your CPA.

Full owner, property and tenant accounting

Full bank, property and tenant accounting to keep your record keeping simple and accurate. Easy tab based navigation to switch between your properties, tenants, and other accounts. Queue and print checks directly from Rentec Direct.

Publish Vacancies Online

Publishing your vacant properties online has never been easier. Enter details and pictures, and you are provided a unique web address for your listing(s) to publish in the paper, or craigslist, newsletters, or flyers. Even accept applications online.

Tenant Screening

Associations can use the tenant screening tools when directly placing tenants or to assist owners in placing tenants that bring value to the association rather than problems. Tenant screening includes full criminal as well as financial and eviction reports to ensure the next tenant placed is a good one.

Additional features

Online file management allows file storage related to owners or properties safely and securely online. Bylaws, meeting minutes, rules, and other agreements are excellent items to store safely within Rentec.

Enter and track your own workorders, or allow tenants to place their own repair requests via the tenant portal.

Manage other recurring transactions such as: utility billing, landscaping or supplemental fees you may charge your tenants and let the software automatically generate the charges whether you're at a computer or not.

Tenant Portal If you also rent some of the units, the tenant portal allows tenants to login and review their account, make payments via ACH, or submit workorders.

Easily track bank deposits with undeposited funds support.

Many management reports to show your property performance.

At a glance stats and graphs of current and historical property performance.

Easily print checks with Rentec's built in check printing support.